Michele Fasnacht, Coach & Educator


My entire life pre-2016 reads like a Lifetime movie drama. To give you the short version, for decades I was very sick being diagnosed with everything imaginable. I was prescribed one medication after another, sent to doctor after doctor, given a different diagnosis most times, and left hopeless. 

In 2009, after decades of sickness I had an MRI that showed hundreds of lesions on my brain and I was diagnosed with progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I also had a positive ANA and was diagnosed with Lupus.  Shortly after, I lost my vision and was diagnosed legally blind and at the same time barely able to walk. 2009 was a terrible year for me!  My health was on a roller coaster and to say I was frustrated, depressed, and miserable is an understatement. 


During this time my weight (like my health) was unstable and unpredictable.  Many of the medications and steroid treatments made me gain weight and I certainly was not active (I could barely walk).  

All this time with doctors and experts and no one was able to "fix" me. I would leave each doctor appointment more broken than when I arrived. Then after decades of treatments, prescriptions, doctors and bad news I had an accidental personal experience that changed the way I saw food and how it played a vital role in my health. 


At that moment I decided to take my health and wellness into my own hands and started on a journey to put my MS in complete remission. I was eager to understand what I personally had just experienced and to make sense of it, and began researching and studying.  After completing numerous health programs (as a participant) and attending numerous nutrition classes (as a student) and meeting with numerous doctors and scientists that are health and nutrition experts I used what I learned combined with my own personal experiences to design a Health and Wellness program that did what I set out to do-- reverse my illness and restore my health. 

Once I regained my life back I decided to share what I experienced with others because I believe that no person should be living with a compromised quality of life when they don't have to. 

Today, I am living, breathing, walking, seeing proof that we can change our future. I love the new healthy me!



Michele & hubby Eric, 2018


I am a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Board Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner and Educator.  Most importantly,  I am a regular person who was very sick and gained my quality of life back!   That change inspired my future.  


As your mentor and coach, I will lead you on a 

Health and Wellness journey that can totally change your quality of life. During the program we will be communicating every day. You will receive daily oversight and feedback to keep you focused coupled with lots of support and encouragement to keep you accountable, motivated and challenged. 

I will be there to guide you every step of the way. When it 

is complete you will look back and feel proud and accomplished 

of taking this journey.

I did it and you can too! 

Let's change your illness into your wellness! 


FYI- That's a picture of me  and my husband Eric in 2018