Health & Wellness Programs


There are 4 unique Health and Wellness Programs offered:  Lifestyle Program, Plant-Based Nutrition Program, Recovery Program, and Juice Detox Program.  My personal success story includes all the components of each program, in a specific order, which would be the Lifestyle Program

All of my programs are online interactive small groups completed in the privacy of your own home. We will have daily communication and scheduled live group meetings offering you support, education, advice, and encouragement.  I will be with you every step of the way. 

All of my programs are meant for people coming from any previous diet.  Remember I was barely able to walk and see when I started my journey so all of the programs are designed to work for people coming in at any fitness level (bed bound to athlete).    

A week prior to any program beginning you will be emailed paperwork to complete and directions to help you prepare for the program to start.  



3 month program

The Lifestyle Program is the exact process I used to change my quality of life!  It is the combination of the three different aspects of nutrition I combined to heal my body and improve my life.  

The Lifestyle Program puts all three segments together- Juice Detox Program, Recovery Program and Plant-Based Nutrition Program- for a three month journey of powerful restoration and recovery consuming powerful nutrients, vitamins and anti-oxidants.  This journey took me from being disabled to abled and from being "Ignored to Restored." 

For the person who is very sick, dealing with chronic illness, very obese, and/or very exhausted with their current quality of life and ready to make a solid commitment for a new beginning the Lifestyle Program will teach you everything you need to know from how to get healthy to how to maintain healthy.  The Lifestyle Program gives your body vital nutrition for healing with the support, accountability, encouragement and the education it takes for life long change.   

The Lifestyle Program is a full bodied health and wellness program that focuses on your entire 

well being, mind-body-spirit, being nurtured and restored so you will be prepared for life beyond the 

program.  It was the 3 month combination of Juice+Recovery+Plant-Based that changed my life forever.   

You can read more about each program separately.  The Lifestyle Program combines all segments together, 

in the best order for healing and long term success.

In this program you will complete the 11 day Juice Detox Program  (5 day juice fast) first to see quick results and get motivated, then complete the 6 week Recovery Program where your body will experience recovery and long term healing occurs, followed by the Plant-Based Nutrition Program that teaches you how to keep the health improvements you have received, continue healing, and to live a long term healthy life.  This is the longest and most complete program I offer- the same steps I took in finding healing and recovery.  

  Repair.  Reverse.  Restore.  Change your illness into wellness!   I did it, so you can too! 



6 week program

Are you suffering from chronic illness or disease?  Are you living with pain, fatigue, and a less than 

satisfying quality of life?  The Recovery Program is for people who are frustrated with their current quality 

of life and ready for serious change!   

The Recovery Program is a full bodied health and wellness 

lifestyle program.  The main focus is on high nourishment foods (vs. medication) to repair, restore and 

reverse your health.  In order to achieve wellness (and understanding the difference and importance of both) the program includes simple exercise that anyone can do (from bed bound to athlete), habit forming skills laying the foundation for future success, personal time for self-care, mini-therapeutic sessions, and lots of education.  In the Recovery Program your entire well being, mind-body-spirit, is being nurtured and restored so you will be prepared for life beyond the program.   

The Recovery Program is a plant-based nutrition program focusing on very specific plant-based foods with a high concentration of raw foods and nutrient dense smoothies, with an approved list of cooked plant-based foods, giving your body the best of the best for rapid repair and long term recovery.  During this phase, my body completely improved, MS symptoms I had for decades disappeared, my vision improved and my quality of life was restored.  The Recovery Program took me from disabled to abled and I am proof that our bodies want to repair and can heal.   By eliminating bad foods and consuming the highest quality nutrition our bodies can repair, restore and reverse many illnesses and diseases.  

The Recovery Program is included in the Lifestyle Program.  



6 week program

Have you taken a previous program and want to keep and continue your positive health journey?  Are you interested in making long term lifestyle changes that include switching to a plant-based diet but unsure how to begin?  Would you like support, encouragement and help in making the transition?  In the Plant-Based Nutrition Program, we will complete a kitchen cleanup, learn to read food labels, learn how to grocery shop, how to order out, and learn basics of plant-based cooking. You will enjoy a huge pallet of plant-based foods and learn to recognize how they make your body feel.  The Plant-Based Nutrition Program will teach you why a whole-food, plant-diet is the best diet for human health and how and when to use transitional and recreational foods.    

The Plant-Based Nutrition Program is for anyone interested in switching to a plant-based diet- the only diet that is proven to prevent, treat, and reverse many illnesses and diseases.  It is also highly recommended for those completing the Recovery Program or the Juice Detox Program to maintain the new health they have experienced and continue to heal.   

The Plant-Based Nutrition Program practices the importance of lifestyle factors that compliment a healthy plant-based diet such as; exercise, habit forming skills laying the foundation for future success, personal time for self-care, and mini-therapeutic sessions for mental and emotional balance.  This is how I live my life now, after recovery took place, so I can maintain the quality of life I received back.  I will never go back to the life I had, now that I know how to maintain my health with nutrition.  I love my life and I love all the beautiful colorful delicious foods I eat.  The Plant-Based Nutrition Program teaches you how to live a plant-based lifestyle and maintain your health and wellness. 

 The Plant-Based Nutrition Program is included in the Lifestyle Program.   



11 day program; 5 day juice fast


Is your weight stagnant?  Do you need to drop a few pounds quick?  Are you in a rut or reached a plateau?   

Do you want to give yourself a quick start to one of the other programs?  When doing a Juice Detox Program (aka Juice Fast) most people experience weight loss, increased energy, better sleep, clearer skin, improved digestion and mental clarity in a very short time.  The Juice Detox Program is high in vitamins and minerals and introduces extra nutrients into your body to boost overall health, support detoxification, and promote a healthy gut microbiome so its a great kick-start towards a healthy change. 

In the Juice Detox program you will consume a specified amount of specific high nutrient juices (a juicer is required or a local juice bar with cold-pressed bottle juice) and water.  If necessary, we can modify your plan to include limited eating of specific plant-based food.  

Following completion of the Juice Detox Program, I highly suggest participating in one of the other Health and Wellness Groups.  If you are struggling with chronic illness or extreme obesity,  the Recovery Program would be your next step or if you have no health issues but are interested in following with/learning more about a plant-based diet to maintain your good health, the Plant-Based Nutrition Program 

In the Juice Detox Program you will learn the difference of eating vs. juicing vs. blending and when and why one method can be better than another, and why intermittent fasting can be so helpful.  There will be a 3 day transition in time to the Juice Detox Program, followed by the 5 day juice detox itself, and a 3 day transition out time.  For any program to have long term success its important to make long term changes. The Juice Detox Program is a great way to kick-start long term success.  It was a pivotal beginning piece of my health journey where I experienced some quick successes that gave me confidence that my body wanted to heal. 

  The Juice Detox Program is included in the Lifestyle Program.    

Individual Coaching Sessions


1- 30 minute session

One individual coaching session to use as needed.  

5- 30 minute sessions

Five individual coaching sessions to use as needed.  Sessions may be used in 30 minute increments or grouped together for longer sessions.

10- 30 minute sessions

Ten individual coaching sessions to use as needed.  Sessions may be used in 30 minute increments or grouped together for longer sessions.